Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dating Advice Lingerie for Women

Dating Advice

Lingerie is something that women sometimes tend to neglect. I have a few friends who think cotton is sexy. Well, it’s not. If you own cotton underwear, bras, and teddies, don’t wear them around your man. Unless it’s his underwear, cotton isn’t hot.

That being said, all women should learn to love lingerie. It’s a small article of clothing that can make you feel oh so sexy. You can put on a fashion show for yourself and parade around in bras and panties.

I always include sexy lingerie in my budget because it gives me that extra boost of confidence. Putting on a sexy bra and panty under my outfit is like having a special secret that no one else knows about. However, if you aren’t comfortable showing off your figure in a bra and underwear, I suggest buying a sexy slip. Slips can go under dresses to help give you that sexy boost of confidence, or they can be worn around the house when you’re trying to sexify your man.

Remember, as long as you find yourself sexy, men will also. Confidence doesn’t come from what you see in the mirror, it comes from within. Anything feminine can give your man the va-va-voom impression regardless of your shape or size. If cost is not an option, I would recommend looking at La Perla and Agent Provocateur. If you don’t feel comfortable spending a lot of money, H&M and Victoria Secret are two other cost friendly choices. Ladies, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to dress up in a sexy outfit. Show your man some love.