Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matchmaker Shares Process of Meeting Men

Serious Matchmaking Inc. Matchmaker Janis Spindel on Plum TV in the Hamptons

Interviewer: I'm with Janis Spindel, who is the Hamptons professional matchmaker and also in the city. Hello, welcome to the show.
JS: Hi, thanks so much for having me on.
IN: Oh gosh so much to talk about. Now how does the process work.
JS: well, my clients are all men. They start from 27, and my oldest guy is 78, believe it or not. They are from all over the country. I move my entire business out east for the summer because that's where the beautiful women are and the successful men.
IN: You are only dealing with men. You are finding women for men.
JS: Correct.
IN: And assumingly wealthy men because your fees start at 50k and upwards, correct?
JS: Yes, it's a very small price to pay for happiness, and to be happy for the rest of your life.
IN: So how do you do it Janis?
JS: Well, I will leave no stone unturned. I was gifted with the gift of gab. I can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. And I have an uncanny sixth sense to know who belongs with whom. I usually get my guys matched by the third introduction.
IN: Wow, so it's almost like a clairvoyance.
JS: Total clairvoyance. I get epiphanies and flashes.
IN: Alright, so if you see a woman on the street, any woman your thinking that could be for this client or that could be for this client.
JS: Yes.
IN: Do you actually hold meetings with groups of women who come in and you interview them?
JS: Yes, I have meet and greets once a month in the city as well as out here. I meet women no matter where I am. It could be the supermarket, manicurist. Literally wherever I am. I interview them, and then they have to go through a pretty brutal process because I'm very selective in who I match.
IN: Right, So you don't do this half hazard.
JS: I'm not a dating service, I'm a matchmaker.
IN: And what about their expectations. I would assume that these guys would have pretty high expectations for that amount of money they are paying.
JS: That would be putting it mildly. Men's expectations are completely , completely off the charts. But I do not over promise and under deliver. I was told that I over deliver and under promise. So If I feel that a guy is absolutely beyond awesome and realistic with his expectations and of what he is looking for, and emotionally available and commitment minded, well educated, well groomed, upscale professional, I'll get him a wife.
In: You'll do it. But now will you turn down clients as well.?
JS: Yes.
In: What about that short fat bald guy that wants Barbie, that's not going to happen.
JS: It depends on the guy. I mean if a guy has a great personality and if he is smart, nice, kind and if he's fun. I'll find him somebody.
IN: what is the biggest mistakes you see women and men do on dates?
JS: Well, how come everyone asks me that question a thousand times a day. I'm also a two time national bestselling author in all of the answers of what men want and what women do wrong are in my book. But most people just talk too much, they just talk too much. For men they fall in love through their eyes, it's all about chemistry. Men are visual . So if women do not put their best foot forwards, if she doesn't have confidence, and if she is not well groomed, of course, takes great care of her body leads a healthy lifestyle. Need I go on! Men want the four B's, beauty , brains, body and balance. Done.
IN:What about short hair versus long? What's the trend?, we hear that guys love long hair.
JS: Long hair, long hair. All about long hair. There all about long straight hair.
In: Alright, well how do we find you Janis.
JS: Well, my website is www.janisspindelmatchmaker.com. Two S, one L. All one word. And Google me, It's very easy. I'm kind of an open book out here.
IN: Lovely, Wow. You'd be a great friend to have out here for a lot of women out here and men I might add. Well thank you for sharing your secrets with us.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dating Coach Holds VIP Free Tele-Seminar

Dating Coach Janis Spindel will hold her next VIP Free Tele-Seminar series to Club JLove members this coming week. We will discuss how, where, when and get ready to find and meet your man. After 18 years of interviewing thousands of ladies, and owning the minds of her men clients, Janis will reveal it all in this ASK Janis series. Call or e-mail the office for information.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dating Advice Process Series- Date More Men; Understand His Mind

In this dating advice series, date more men-understand his mind, you will begin to understand how to date more men by drilling down into what men are looking for in a woman.

If you are a very confident woman and you like what you see in the mirror every morning, continue to do what you are doing because it's working.

If not, or you want to tune up your game, just understand that the man’s mind is very simple when it comes to meeting a lady.
What men are looking for is a woman who is confident about herself and who she is. Men think like travelers and want a woman who can fend for themselves, not a clingy type.

Next level of understanding a man’s mind so you can date more men is, men want beauty. It sounds corny and old fashioned, however beauty is all an opinion. Men either spot it in the first 5 seconds of the encounter, or it's just not there.

Follow this next step closely. Men want a woman with brains. They want to be both sexually and intellectually stimulated with you. It’s a package deal. You don't have to have a Ph d from Yale; I think you know what I mean.

And let's not forget the body. Men want thin rather than thick women. I am just the messenger. Men want thin women who are athletic, who workout, women who are active and energetic. That excites men.

Now for the grand slam home run. Ladies, men want a woman with balance. What is the definition of balance to a man?

It's a combination of beauty, brains, body and natures chemistry all wrapped together.
Men want it all in one package.

In conclusion, if you want to date more men, you need to understand his mind so you can adjust some things about yourself. We all need to do this. Join me for my VIP Free tele-seminars.