Friday, March 30, 2012

2Love Today and Janis Spindel, America's Top Matchmaker, Announce Humans Outperform Online Dating Matching Algorithms

Janis Spindel, founder of 2Love Today, conducted a survey amongst 7,500 single women in her private database. It concluded that women would rather rely on the expertise of a Matchmaker making expert suggestions, rather than solely on computer generated matching.

In a new study conducted by, members confess that the online dating industry won’t be putting all its eggs in one basket. A new scientific report uncovers that 2LoveToday and the online dating industry have room for growth and offer users some very real benefits that Matchmakers bring to the table.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Matchmaking Combines Online Dating

Online Dating Site
Matchmaking Guru Janis Spindel combines online dating for free with all her followers to find a successful marriage minded partner.

If you know Janis Spindel, you will know that this won't be your average
online dating site.  Janis and her team have worked very hard to develop
a site that combines the simplicity of communicating online, yet the
convenient benefit of having a personal matchmaker oversee and guide you
through the process.

2lovetoday will provide all current members with an ADDITIONAL
opportunity to meet with professionally screened, upscale individuals.
Our expectations and guidelines still remain as prestigious as that of
our personal one on one matchmaking service.

If you are interested in joining us, we encourage all of our members to
sign up immediately for a FREE membership!

Please visit 2love Today and submit a personal profile with us!
Feel free to pass along this link to any of your single friends! Dating Diva USA